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01: 3D Printing


  • Freeside


For general use by members. Treat equipment as if it were your own and put away as or better than you found it.


TODO: specify all the restrictions

  • Use only with members-only terminal connected to AO-100
  • Use with 3mm ABS filament only


Freeside was one of only 8 hackerspaces in the world to win this printer as part of the LulzBot hackerspace printer giveaway!

Basic Instructions

TODO: complete instructions on use

  • Log in with your credentials to the attached members-only terminal.
  • Check that the bed is all the way up on the sprung screws on all 4 corners before starting a print, or it will not be level. It has a tendency, if compressed when removing a part for example, to stick down on some of the corners.
  • Use a clean paper towel to apply a thin layer of ABS Juice to the kapton tape surface.
  • The only tweaks you should need to make for your prints are layer thickness and infill style/density related.
  • Please do not change the bed level or limit switches.
  • Turn off machine when done.

Basic Operational Knowledge

  • How to home
  • How to slice and send a job to it
  • How to abort a failed job
  • How to properly remove a print once it has completed
  • How to load and unload filament (optional, but you'll be stuck with the loaded plastic type and color)

Advanced Operational Knowledge

There are some more advanced tasks that not everyone needs to know to print, but needs to know to troubleshoot:

  • How to level a bed
  • How to replace the covering on a bed
  • How to tighten belts, fix misaligned axises, replace worn out parts, etc.

Slic3r Preconfigured Profiles

There are several Print and Filament profiles that have been preconfigured for Slic3r. Use these before creating or modifying your own.

Print Profiles

The preconfigured print profiles will give you a good starting point for adjusting print quality. If you create a new profile, be sure you name it descriptively and include the name of the printer in the profile. The LulzBot prints best with layer heights between 0.3mm and 0.5mm. Lower layer heights will cause severe print issues!

  • LulzBot-Default: Ideal configuration settings for print height, speed, and infill. Supports are disabled by default.
  • LulzBot-Mechanical: Ideal for parts which will have mechanical use, IE Bowden extruder gears. This profile prints with more perimeters, more top and bottom layers, high honeycomb infill for strength. Expect long print jobs.
  • LulzBot-Speedtest: Testing configuration for tuning printer speeds. Not guaranteed to work. Use at your own risk.
  • LulzBot-Factory: Slic3r configuration provided by LulzBot.

Filament Profiles

There should be profiles configured for filament colors. Due to additives to the ABS, different colors of filament will work best at slightly different temperatures. ABS will print best between 205C and 235C, and the heated bed between 100C and 110C. If you are printing with a new color be sure you save a new profile for the name of the color.

  • LulzBot-ABS-White: 235C extruder, 105C bed, 50% fan
  • LulzBot-ABS-Black: 215C extruder, 105C bed, 40% fan
  • LulzBot-ABS-Purple: ?C extruder, ?C bed, 40% fan

Specifications and Detailed Instructions

TODO: complete specifications, links to documentation, etc.


TODO: specify warnings


TODO: specify safety requirements

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