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(Outside Links)
(Outside Links)
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==Outside Links==
==Outside Links==
[http://www.ted.com/talks/lisa_harouni_a_primer_on_3d_printing.html Lisa Harouni: A primer on 3D printing]
*[http://www.ted.com/talks/lisa_harouni_a_primer_on_3d_printing.html Lisa Harouni: A primer on 3D printing]
*[http://reprap.org/wiki/Main_Page Reprap.org]
[http://reprap.org/wiki/Print_Troubleshooting_Pictorial_Guide Print Troubleshooting Pictorial Guide]
*[http://richrap.blogspot.com/2012/01/slic3r-is-nicer-part-1-settings-and.html Slic3r is Nicer]
*[http://reprap.org/wiki/Calibration Basic printer calibration]
*[http://reprap.org/wiki/Print_Troubleshooting_Pictorial_Guide Print Troubleshooting Pictorial Guide]

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[edit] Gallery

[edit] Overview

3D Printing is a very popular facet of the maker/hacker movement. Though they are still a bit difficult to use/calibrate, they are capable of printing 3D items based on CAD models and using extruded filament.

[edit] Software

3D Printing:

  • Repetierhost used by the Freeside terminal to generate gcode from .stl files and command the 3D printers
  • Slic3r is integrated with repetier host above or used as a stand alone to generate machine readable gcode from an .stl 3D model.
Printer Firmware

CAD/3D Modeling:

Any software that can generate an .stl 3D image file is suitable. Below is an incomplete list of popular options.

  • openscad.org
  • tinkercad.com
  • blender.org
  • sketchup.com
  • AutoDesk (various products)

[edit] Equipment

  • Wall of Spool
  • LulzBot AO-100
  • Thingomatic
  • Cupcake 1
  • Cupcake 2
  • Reprap
  • The Kraken (custom--designed by Redbeard)
  • Member workstation

[edit] Current Projects

- Spool Holder
- Enclosure
- Lighting & LEDs
- Cooling Fan independent switch
- Leveling print bed

[edit] Outside Links

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