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Some art from Emily Pidgeon on one of the front walls in the space

Please list any wants, needs, donations or suggestions.



  • Entry Notification System.
    • Plays audio on entry.
    • LED Notification? Investigate systems for ** triggering events based on entry/exit
    • Extend the system to the warehouse
    • Need a Doorbell/Buzzer so people without cards can get in.
  • Video Surveillance
    • ZoneMinder?
    • Aimetis? Longwatch?


Ninjas totally flipping rule. Also, we need more art. Put art on our walls!
  • Server Room
    • Needs unused servers, redundant systems removed
  • Classroom
    • Mount projector
    • Add electrical outlets
  • Front Bathroom
    • Bathroom Drywall and paint
    • Fix Bathroom Door
    • Lighting in washroom
  • Lounge Space
    • Lighting
    • Partition Outlet
  • Kitchen
  • Entry Area
    • Motion sensor for interior light
  • Hallway/Tables
    • Finish painting walls
    • Drywall
    • Activate or remove non functional outlets
  • Main Warehouse
    • Work sink?
  • Tool Room
  • Loft
    • Full Length Table
  • Sewing Room
    • Add outlets
    • Install shelving?


  • Fire Extinguishers (mount? we have some)
  • First Aid Kit (LARGE for "real" emergencies; plus additional band-aids/what-not)
  • Sound system


Keep your eyes peeled on Craigslist, friends, office dumpster, yard sales, free stuff, etc. If it looks like crap it can be made to look good.

  • Pegboard for hanging tools


  • Sputnik Disco Ball
  • Murals
  • Video Wall with random crap on it / TV in main space. Projector style!
  • Constructivist art
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