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= Zone =
= Zone =
01: [[3D Printing]]
01: [[3D Printing]]

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[edit] Zone

01: 3D Printing

[edit] Owner(s)

  • Freeside

[edit] Permissions

For general use by members. Treat equipment as if it were your own and put away as or better than you found it.

[edit] Restrictions

TODO: specify all the restrictions

  • Use only with members-only terminal connected to AO-100

[edit] About

Freeside was one of only 8 hackerspaces in the world to win this printer as part of the LulzBot hackerspace printer giveaway!

[edit] Basic Instructions

TODO: complete instructions on use

  • Log in with your credentials to the attached members-only terminal
  • Check that the bed is all the way up on the sprung screws on all 4 corners before starting a print, or it will not be level. It has a tendency, if compressed when removing a part for example, to stick down on some of the corners.
  • The only tweaks you should need to make for your prints are layer thickness and infill style/density related.
  • Please do not change the bed level or limit switches.
  • Turn off machine when done

[edit] Basic Operational Knowledge

  • How to home it.
  • How to load and unload filament (optional, but you'll be stuck with the loaded plastic type and color)
  • How to slice and send a job to it.
  • How to abort a failed job.
  • How to properly remove a print once it has completed.

[edit] Advanced Operational Knowledge

There are some more advanced tasks that not everyone needs to know to print, but needs to know to troubleshoot:

  • How to level a bed
  • How to replace the covering on a bed
  • How to tighten belts, fix misaligned axises, replace worn out parts, etc.

[edit] Specifications and Detailed Instructions

TODO: complete specifications, links to documentation, etc.

[edit] Warnings

TODO: specify warnings

[edit] Safety

TODO: specify safety requirements

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