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Members can pay their dues for the month on any day of that month.


Membership Rates

  • Regular: $80/mo or $912/yr (5% discount applied for prepayment)
  • Starving Hacker: $40/mo (must qualify for the Starving Hacker Program)
  • Joint MIC: $65/mo, rate offered with joint membership to My Inventor Club

Payment Methods

  • Cash, Check, Money Order: Hand in-person to the Treasurer.
    • Please make checks or money orders payable to Freeside Technology Spaces
  • Debit/Credit Card by Square: See the Treasurer for payment.
  • Dwolla, Paypal, Google Checkout: Make a single payment or sign-up for subscription below.


Single Payment

Standard: $80 Standard (Full Year): $912

Starving Hacker: $40

Joint-MIC: $65


Follow the links below to setup either a single or recurring payment of dues through Paypal.

Single Payment

  • Standard:
    • $80 one month's dues
    • $912 one year's dues, with 5% discount applied
  • Starving Hacker: $40 one month's dues
  • Joint-MIC: $65 one month's dues

Recurring Payment

Google Checkout

Single Payment

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