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= Owner(s) =
= Owner(s) =
* [[Eldon]]
* [[User:Eldon|Eldon]]
= Hackability =
= Hackability =

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[edit] Zone

Server Room

[edit] About

The Kill-A-Watt is a tool to measure power consumption for specific devices that run on mains (120v AC) power. You plug it into the wall, plug the device into it, and the Kill-A-Watt will tell you how much power the device has used in a given period of time.

[edit] Owner(s)

[edit] Hackability

Do Not Hack (We will get another one to hack, let's keep one in original condition and functional)

[edit] Permissions

This is for general use by members while they are in the space. Measure what you want to measure over a period of time while you are monitoring the device you are measuring, and return the Kill-A-Watt to it's home in the server room when you are done.

[edit] Restrictions

I believe this device has a wattage restriction. Please read the manual before connecting to high-load (>10A) devices.

[edit] Caution

  • Check the manual before using with high load devices.

[edit] Basic Instructions

  • Plug it in
  • Plug the device into it
  • Save power!

[edit] Specifications and Detailed Instructions

Info.jpgURL to product page if it exists
RTFM.PNGURL to product manuals
Video.jpgLink to videos showing good examples of use

[edit] Tips

[edit] Warnings

[edit] Safety

RTFM.PNG Read the Fine Manual

Unplug.PNG Unplug After Use

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