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I'm not sure we ever got far on one of these. Alan and I discussed on the > phone a while ago, and think it should include some mutual hold harmless > language, request for 30 (or 60?) days notice before removing the item from > Freeside, and member agreeing to remove the item from Freeside if given 30 > (or 60?) days notice by the Board. > > Agreement to create and fill out the wiki page on the item, and on a > case-by-case basis lay out the expectation on member usage. Charging for > use? Training required? One on one signoff? Member provides own tooling, > etc? > > Costs for implementing or integrating into Freeside Infrastructure (access > control system, installation of additional camera to cover, climate > control, power outlet needs, etc) would be up to the member to provide > (Board or members may decide to cover or chip in on a case by case basis). > Ditto for costs to move the equipment in, and for removal. > > Also should cover not relocating it within the space without prior approval > and coordinating with the Project and Storage team, and the Safety and Risk > team reserves the right to inspect and lock out at any time if there is a > safety issue with a piece of equipment, or to inspect prior to accepting > into the space as a loanation.

This sounds like a great outline to me. I would also like a clause requiring periodic training (minimum quarterly?) be offered for devices that have a lockout or expectations of training (which should be the same). It seems Paul is in general good about being available to train on the lathe, but there have been times when this was not available on machines.

I'd also like a clause around being in sufficiently good repair. I think if a device is down for an extended period of time, then it should be required that it be removed. (I'm thinking if a device isn't functioning for 60 days, then perhaps the owner gets 30 days to repair or move it).

I think that's all fair. The training doesn't have to be from the owner either. They can designate others qualified to do one-on-ones or training classes.

How about at least one training session within the first 60 days of bringing it into the space (gives time to get it set up, work out kinks, etc), and then minimum 2 others in the first year after that? I know I'd have a hard time committing to once a quarter. After the first year, let the Board review the usage, popularity, and demand and availability of training?

A one year anniversary checkup on keeping the item in the space and renewing the agreement sounds like a good thing anyway. Might encourage some items to just become full on donations at that point. If we were 501c3, a lot of my stuff would be donated rather than loaned.

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