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= Warnings =
= Warnings =
Delete those that do not apply<br />
[[File:Laser.PNG|100px]] Eyesight Damage Risk
[[File:Entrapment.png|100px]] Entrapment Risk
[[File:Flammable.png|100px]] Flammable Risk
[[File:HighSpeedMovingParts.png|100px]] High Speed Moving Parts
[[File:NonIoizingRadiation.png|100px]] Non-Ionizing Radiation (RF)
[[File:UV.png |100px]] UV Radiation
[[File:Radiation.PNG |100px]] Radiation Warning
[[File:Poison.PNG|100px]] Poisonous Substances
[[File:Hot.gif|100px]] Hot Surfaces
[[File:Hot.gif|100px]] Hot Surfaces
[[File:Cutting.PNG|100px]] Cutting Risk
[[File:Crush.png|100px]] Crush and Pinch Risk
[[File:ElectricShock.PNG|100px]] Electric Shock Risk
[[File:ElectricShock.PNG|100px]] High Voltage
== Safety ==
== Safety ==
Delete those that do not apply<br />
[[File:BreathingMask.PNG|100px]] Breathing Mask Required
[[File:Gloves.PNG|100px]] Gloves Required
[[File:Goggles.PNG|100px]] Eye Protection Required
[[File:HardHat.PNG|100px]] Hardhat Required
[[File:Hearing.PNG|100px]] Hearing Protection Required
[[File:Lockout.PNG|100px]] Lockout Required
[[File:RTFM.PNG|100px]] Read the Fine Manual
[[File:RTFM.PNG|100px]] Read the Fine Manual
[[File:Unplug.PNG |100px]] Unplug After Use
[[File:Unplug.PNG |100px]] Unplug After Use
[[File:WashHands.PNG|100px]] Wash Hands Prior/After Use
[[File:Unplug.PNG |100px]] Unplug After Use
[[File:WeldingMask.PNG |100px]] Welding Mask Must Be Worn
[[category: Equipment]]
[[category: Equipment]]

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What is this equipment used for. Brief description.


  • Randy


Do Not Hack


Rules and expectations for use of this piece of equipment. Example:
For general use by members after they have completed an appropriate training course. Treat this equipment as if it were your own cleaning items off of the top of the machine and around its table after usage.


Things the equipment shouldn't be used for, limitations, etc (Don't grind aluminum or brass, etc)

  •  ??
  •  ??


Things a user should know prior to using the equipment (turn on power supply prior to plugging in USB, etc)

  •  ??
  •  ??

Basic Instructions

  • Prepare your board with paste and components
  • Wrap the thermocouple around the extra PCB and place near your board
  • Set Toast to off, Function to turbo, Temp to max and Timer to Stay On
  • Plug in toaster oven and Arduino, and once the Arduino has booted press the right hand button to start the reflow process
  • When the Arduino indicates it is time to cool the board, turn the temperature down to minimum. Opening the door slightly will speed up the process, but is not required and will confuse the Arduino.

Specifications and Detailed Instructions

Info.jpgRocketScream Arduino Shield
RTFM.PNGRocketScream Manual


  •  ??
  •  ??


Hot.gif Hot Surfaces


RTFM.PNG Read the Fine Manual

Unplug.PNG Unplug After Use

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