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= Zone =
= Zone =
(Set to the right zone)<br />
[[Server Room]]
[[Server Room]]

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[edit] Zone

Server Room

[edit] About

For all those hard-to-get-to JTAG connectors. Harbor Freight special, so may not be the most robust set of bits you'll come across, but should generally do the job.

[edit] Owner(s)

[edit] Hackability

Please make sure all bits end up back in their case at the end of the day/night. Please do not attempt to modify the bits by grinding/dremeling/etc. them.

[edit] Permissions

Anyone can use this, but please make sure it all gets put away properly (bits in their assigned spaces) at the end of the day.

[edit] Restrictions

  • Please don't use the bits for high-speed tools, wear the bits down unnecessarily, or use them for prying or hole punching.

[edit] Caution

Things a user should know prior to using the equipment (turn on power supply prior to plugging in USB, etc)

[edit] Specifications and Detailed Instructions

Info.jpgURL to product page if it exists
RTFM.PNGURL to product manuals
Video.jpgLink to videos showing good examples of use into a new page, save, and then begin editing.

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