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<TODO - A gallery of Woodshop images will go here>
<gallery widths=200px heights=200px>
File:Workshop_-_from_Loft.jpg|A view of the Woodshop from the Loft
File:Woodshop1.jpg|A view of the Woodshop from the ground
File:Workshop_-_Offroad_Wheelchair.jpg|The Off Road Wheelchair
File:OffRoadWheelchairLEDs.jpg|The ORWC has remote-controlled RGB LED lights and a bubble generator!
File:Busybee.jpg|Our big 'ole Busy Bee Lathe
File:Workshop_-_Shapoko_CNC.jpg|The ShapeOko CNC router
File:ShapeOko.jpg|Eldon doing a demo of the ShapeOko CNC router
File:Guitarsanding.jpg|Ben's guitar project on the dust collector (which he also made)
File:Robot_battle_arena.jpg|The battle arena that the Atlanta Hobby Robotics Club built at our space

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[edit] Gallery

[edit] Overview

The Woodshop is where most large project are done. Safety glasses are required in back areas of Freeside, from the Woodshop to the Auto Bays.

[edit] Equipment

  • Z-Corp 3D Printer
  • Delta 36-430 Table Saw
  • Steel City Drill Press
  • Shapoko CNC Router
  • Grinders and Cut-off Wheels
  • (Compound) Miter Saw
  • Power Drills and Hammer Drills
  • Porter Cable Scroll Saw
  • Delta Bench Grinder
  • Central Machinery Joiner
  • Craftsman Router 315-17300
  • Squirrel Cage shop fan
  • Propane Blowtorches
  • Tons of Extension Cords

[edit] Current Projects

  • Off Road Wheelchair
  • CNC Mill
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