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Our Tools

Freeside's inventory is expansive and ever-changing, but you'll find much of what you'd expect to see in any decent wood or metal shop. Then, on top of that, add electronics, 3D printing, laser cutting, silicone mold-making, metal casting.... The list goes on, so here's a short version with bullet points.
  • Band Saws
  • Drill Presses

  • Table Saw

  • Wood Lathes

  • Pottery Wheels and Kiln

  • Metal Lathe

  • MIG/TIG/Flux/Stick Welders

  • 4'x8' CNC Router

  • Planer

  • Jointer

  • Belt, Spindle, Drum Sanders

  • Sewing Machines

  • Soldering Stations

  • 3D Printers

  • Laser Cutters

  • Miter Saws

  • And more!

Carpenter's Tools
What Tools Can I Use If I'm New Here?

Lots of them! However, for many of our more dangerous or complex tools, Freeside Atlanta requires that all new members take our Shop Tool Basics class. The tools covered in this class include the band saw, drill press, table saw, miter saw, metal band saw, and bench grinders.


These tools should be treated with caution if you have no prior experience with them, so if you haven't taken the class yet, please ask a member for help before using them. For tools not included in this class, such as the machine mill or arc welders, you'll either need to take a tool-specific class, or if you're familiar with the tool, be checked out by an experienced member before access is granted.

I Need a Very Specific Tool for My Project

The community at Freeside Atlanta is full of people with experience in lots of different areas. Machining, medical equipment, cars, arcade games, wood working, sewing, 3D printing, molding and casting; these are just a small sample of all the eclectic things we Freesiders know a thing or two about. Ask a member if they know about your tool, and chances are they either know exactly what it is, how to use it and if we have one, or they'll know someone who does. Contact with inquiries.

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