Cool Tools
What Tools Do Members have Access to?

All the tools at Freeside Atlanta have either been donated or made by members. We go over most of our equipment in the tour at Open House but here we've compiled a decent list of tools:

For a more detailed list, there's more information on our wiki

What Tools Can I Use If I'm New Here?

If you've just become a member and are new to the whole makerspace thing, even if you've never touched a power tool before, we have knowledgable members who can guide you with your first project, or you can come to our required Shop Basics Class. The tools covered in this class include:

  • Band Saw

  • Drill Press

  • Table Saw

  • Miter Saw


These tools should be treated with caution if you have no prior knowledge so if you haven't taken the class yet, please ask a member for help using them.

Another way you can dip your feet in is by attending a Build Out and helping us improve the space. Also, you don't have to be a member to come to our events or take a class! You do have to sign a waiver before entering the shop for the first time, for insurance purposes.

If you are a new member but you've been to makerspaces or worked in a shop before, we still recommend that you take the Shop Basics Class, just in case it's been a while and you need a refresher. It's free for members, and $25 for non-members.

I Need a Very Specific Tool for My Project

The community at Freeside Atlanta is full of people with experience in lots of different areas. Machining, medical equipment, cars, arcade games, wood working, sewing, 3D printing, molding and casting; these are just a small sample of all the eclectic things we Freesiders know a thing or two about. Ask a member if they know about your tool, and chances are they either know exactly what it is, how to use it and if we have one, or they know someone else who would.

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