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Intro to Arduino

Interested in making electronic gizmos? This workshop will show you how to use an Arduino to do just that! You will learn the solid basics of using sensors to notice changes in the environment, design program logic to make decisions, and send signals to act on the environment. Why say Arduino, when you can say Ardui-YES!

Shop Tool Basics

Freeside is plentiful with great tools that can help you build (almost) anything. With these great tools comes great responsibility, so this class is meant to teach individuals who are new to being in the shop how to properly operate the equipment and use the tools that are in the shop. This is a monthly class, & it's free for members.

MIG Welding for Beginners

The class focuses on learning the fundamentals of safety, material prep, and tool use for welding on mild carbon steel. You will learn how to prepare and set up a workpiece, set up and safely run the welder, and successfully join pieces of metal together. 

Anything you weld on is yours to take home at the end of the class.

Intro to TIG Welding

Students will learn the basics of cutting, welding, its application, and safety. Class will cover angle grinding, cutting with a bandsaw, basic info on types of welding and welding machines. We will be making a cube to gain competence. We will discuss TIG applications and welding different types of metal. Advanced class will provide opportunity for completing and finishing techniques.

Taste of Stop Motion

Have you ever seen a stop motion movie and wondered,"Whoa, how'd they do that?, How can I do that?" Then this is the class for you! We will be going over some brief history of stop motion animation and then you will get some hands on experience. This class will break it down to the basics: squash and stretch, fast to slow movements and a little bit in between. The best part is you'll be able to use your iphones with a free Stop Motion app.

Intro to 3D Printing

Learn the basics of the manufacturing revolution that is 3D printing! Whether you are brand new to the world of 3D printing and looking to get started, or if you have a printer of your own and are looking to improve your skill set and print quality, this class is for you.

Intro to Woodworking

Your teacher for this class, Dave Alvarez, has decades of experience in woodworking and fine cabinetry. Join him and other students at Freeside, and make a classic, useful tote. It will serve to tote tools, gardening supplies, pretty much anything. It will also serve well as an accent, whether holding magazines, flowers, or knitting supplies.

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Intro to Life Casting

Come learn the process of molding and casting by making and painting a replica of your own hand.
This class is intended to be an introduction to the molding and casting process, and no prior experience is required!

Advanced Shop: Metal Lathe Intro

Advanced Shop classes are part of a new education series at Freeside where makers can learn more advanced and precision forming tool sets inside Freeside's shop. Intro to Metal Lathe is an overview of how to operate the metal lathe at Freeside. In this class, you will learn common lathe operations and safety, cutter types, how to take cuts on a small piece, and how to set yourself up for compound cuts.

Shop Skills: Table Saw

Get hands on experience with the most versatile tool in the wood shop! This class will demonstrate the operation of a table saw starting with safety procedures and setup, on to more complicated topics. We will cover basic cross and rip cuts, common jigs and accessories, blade choice, angle and taper cuts, and more. No experience required.

Kanji: Writing & Understanding

Kanji (the Chinese characters used in Japanese) are beautiful, complex, and very interesting. Each has at least one story, and you can add your own.
Whether you want to speak and read Japanese, or whether you just want some insight into how kanji work, and maybe to learn one or a few specific kanji, you will enjoy this meetup.

Make Your Own Cloud Lamp

Got your head in the clouds, or a cloud in your head, thinking about what to do for your next Arduino project? Come learn how to make a glowing, color-pulsing LED cloud lamp! Some prior Arduino (or other) programming experience would be helpful, but is not required to take this class. You'll go home with your very own glowing cloud to hang on the wall!
The workshop takes about 3 hours.

Sewing Leather
Sewable Electronics Class

Sew your own! This class will teach you the basics of Sewing and Electronics to sew them directly to your clothing! You'll also learn what kind of electronic components to use and how diverse they get. We provide a kit with everything you need to get you started and have you leave with your very first wearable electronic project by end of class!

Wild Mushrooms
Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the best. Learn the method developed by Milton Tam to grow oyster mushrooms at home.
Sam Landes, the Treasurer of the Mushroom Club of Georgia, will show how! All tools and supplies needed will be provided. You will take home
- a bag that should sprout delicious oyster mushrooms within 3 to 5 weeks
- a sheet explaining how to care for your bag
- a recipe for making more bags

Coming Soon! Ceramics/Kiln Class

Learn from Kiln expert, Laura Foster, friend of Freeside. She will help you make a pinch pot, shot glass, a coil bowl and play with textures. You will also go over how to get out all the air bubbles from a lump of clay, as well as Kiln firing processes. No prior experience needed. 

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