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How to Join

Ready to join the coolest group of makers this side of the Mississippi? Come to one of our open houses to get started!

How to Join

Messy Workshop


Come Visit Us

You can visit us during any of our events! We have two open houses, one monthly buildout, and countless other classes and events. When you're here, talk to one of our members about joining! 


Finish the Sign up Process

We'll send you a link to set up a Paypal subscription for your membership, and invite you to our shop tools basics course to get started in the space!

Membership is $80/Month


Getting Onboarded

Once you've been onboarded, you'll be given a keycard for access to the space! Some of our tools require further signing off, but you'll figure that out when you're here. Welcome to the community!

Freeside Membership at a Glance

As a member you get...


24/7 access to our Makerspace


Access to over 9000 tools (we counted)


Membership to our community of makers


Discounts on all paid classes


Access to our internal events calendar

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