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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Who runs Freeside?

Freeside is entirely run and operated by volunteers. Our leadership is made up of a board of directors and three officers. We have six directors who are elected from the membership. They are responsible for setting policy and deciding the long-term direction of the space, as well as raising and mainting funds for the operation of Freeside. The officers, president, treasurer, and secretary, handle regular operations at the space and act as CEO, CFO, and secretary, respectively.


We also have teams of volunteers dedicated to specific tasks or areas in the space.


  • Safety and Risk: infrastructure safety, such as ensuring the presence of MSDS's, storage of potentially hazardous materials, and any major modifications to the space.

  • Projects and Inventory:  donations, issuing and enforcing long term project permissions (parking passes), maintaining project and member storage, and keeping inventory for the space as a whole.

  • Activities and Culture:  classes and all other scheduled events.

  • Marketing and Outreach: marketing, social media, press inquiries, and connections with other organisations.

  • IT:  external web issues, maintenance of internal computers and the single sign on system.

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