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Having car trouble? Why go to the mechanic when you can fix it yourself.

Our Autobay is for the enthusiast as much as it is for those that just need a place to replace their brakes from time to time. We have a drive up ramp that leads directly into our shop as well as plenty of wrenches and vehicle specific tools for our members to install a new sunroof, or just save a couple hundred dollars by doing it themselves instead of going to a mechanic! Like all of our spaces, the Autobay is open 24 hours a days for our members to work on their vehicles. You can find a regularly updated tool list here, or by clicking the button below.

Want to learn more about our spaces or take a class? Or learn how you can get access to our 3D printers, the electronics space, and the rest of our shop? Click the buttons below for more information on our community, and becoming a member!

See the Space

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