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Our machine shop and hot shop have everything you need to turn metal into magic.

Our metal shop, welding bay, and hot shop has been used by shipwrights, cosplayers, race car designers, and amature welders and metal workers alike. For the hot shop wizards we have kilns, anvils, and annealers, as well as all manner of hammers, tongs, and tools for shaping metal straight out of the forge. For our machinists, our tools are sophisticated and precise, and with enough space to feel comfortable and safe around the tools. And for our welders, we have TIG, MIG, and stick welding machines available for our members who are checked off on the tools.

Like all of our spaces, the hotshop, welding area, and metal shop are open 24 hours a day for our members. You can find a regularly updated tool list here, or by clicking the button below.

Want to learn more about our spaces or take a class? Or learn how you can get access to our 3D printers, the electronics space, and the rest of our shop? Click the buttons below for more information on our community, and becoming a member!

See the Space

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