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Put on your safety goggles, and don't forget to turn on the dust collector, because we've got all the tools you need to turn purple heart into a work of art.

As the biggest part of our makerspace, our woodshop is a point of pride for Freeside. Equipped with powered and conventional hand tools, bandsaws, table saws, planers, jointers, clamps galore, and a 4x8 CNC router (plus a LOT more) you'll never not have what you need when working in our wood shop. Like all of our spaces, the Woodshop is open 24 hours a day for our members to hack, saw, glue, and otherwise take wood and turn it into something beautiful. You can find a regularly updated tool list here, or by clicking the button below.

Want to learn more about our spaces, or take our regular shop tools basics class? Or learn how you can get access to our woodshop tools, the metal shop, or any of our other spaces? Click the buttons below for more information on our community, and becoming a member!

See the Space

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